The Three Towers Hike


45km for age 13½+ (trophy for under 18 teams only)


The explorer event is approximately 45km (around 28 miles) in length.

The route starts at Compton some 20km north-west of Reading where kit checking begins. From there, hikers will head towards the Ridgeway via a choice of routes, visiting East Hendred and the village of Catmore before heading eastward towards East Ilsley primary school. SEBEV will be in attendance at this location.

On departing East Ilsley, hikers will head south across the downlands towards Hampstead Norreys visiting a number of checkpoints before descending into the woods at Ashampstead. Following on to Pangbourne College where once again SEBEV will be in assistance.

Leaving the college, hikers will descend into Sulham and then climb up Sulham hill to visit the Water Tower at Tilehurst. The final leg is downhill and back to 79th Reading HQ at Armour Hill.

Hot dinner will await hikers and SEBEV will attend any blisters. Hikers can then relax and spend the night in luxury before the presentations on Sunday morning.


Are you aged at least 13½ and are a member of an Explorer Scout Unit or linking to one? Are you a member of a Guide Ranger unit?

It is intended that the route is aimed primarily at members of the Explorer Scout section - that is invested Explorer Scouts who are 14, 15, 16 or 17 years of age, although anyone just outside this age may be considered subject to the Hike Director's discretion (minimum age is 13½ years, ie born before October 1999).

This event is open to Explorer Scouts who are members of an Explorer Scout Unit, and Scouts who are members of a Scout Troop and linking to an Explorer Scout Unit, members of the Scout Network.

Explorer Scouts who are 16 or 17 may wish to consider an entry into the Classic Event.

No geographical limits are set as to the home location of the entrant.

Persons aged 18 or over may enter the Explorer event provided it's their first time walking any part of the event. Other adults should enter the Classic Hike.

Please note that teams containing adults WILL NOT be eligible for any trophies or prizes, or hike records; however they will get a certificate and badge on completion.

Entry Fees: £16 per person. Adult (18+) are charged at prevailing Classic rate.

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