The Ridgeway Challenge (14+)

The Ridgeway Challenge is now inclusive for participants aged 14 and above, featuring three distinct competitions. These categories include Explorer (14-18 years), Network (18-25 years), and Adult & Mixed Ages (25+). Teams size for both categories is 3 to 5 hikers. The cost is £12 per person. It covers approximately 45km starting from Compton to Aldworth, Warren Farm Cottage, Blewbury, East Hendred, East Illsley and finishing at Compton. It covers the following checkpoints:

  • CP12 / START Compton
  • CP13 Starveall
  • CP14 Aldworth
  • CP15 Kiddington Cottage
  • CP4 Warren Farm Cottage
  • CP5 Fairmile
  • CP6 Blewbury
  • CP7 Churn Farm
  • CP8 East Hendred
  • CP9 Catmore
  • CP10 East Illsley
  • CP11 Cheseridge
  • CP12 FINISH Compton

Checkpoint locations are available on the checkpoints page.

Joining instructions are available Here.