The Three Towers Hike

Returns 14th October 2023

Returning October 2023

The Three Towers Hike is returning for Scouts and Explorer Scouts on 14th October 2023. 

Our Three Competitions

Scout (10 - 14)

The scout hike is open to 10 - 14 year olds. It covers approximately 25km starting from  Dolphin Centre Pangbourne to Goring, the Ridgeway and finishing at Compton.

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Explorer (14 - 18)

The Explorer + hike is open to two categories Explorers 14 - 18 year olds and adults over the age of 18. It covers approximately 45km starting from Compton to Warren Farm, then Blewbury on to East Hendred, East Illsley and finish at Compton

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Tim's Junket

Tim's Junket hike is our family hike intended for children and adults of all ages at only 15km. The route starts at Compton and travels to Blewbury then East Ilsley and finishing back and Compton.

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Rules and Equipment

All teams and individuals competing in the event are required to complete a kit check before they set off. This includes (not exclusively) clothing, footwear, first aid equipment and navigation requirements. We will take at least one emergency mobile number from each team.

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We have 15 checkpoints across the three routes. Each checkpoint is staffed by a team of volunteers linked by a dedicated radio network and can provide snacks, refreshments and aid.

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