Scout Hike (10.5 - 14)

The scout hike is open to 10 - 14 year olds for teams 0f 3 to 5 Scouts. The cost is £12 per person. It covers approximately 27km starting from Adventure Dolphin Pangbourne to Goring, the Ridgeway and finishing at Compton. Scouts walk alone, unaided by adults between checkpoints. It covers the following checkpoints:

  • CP1 / Start Adventure Dolphin Pangbourne
  • CP2 Gatehampton
  • CP3 Stitchen’s Green
  • CP4 Warren Farm
  • CP5 Fairmile
  • CP7 Churn Farm Bridge
  • CP10 East Ilsley
  • CP11 Cheseridge
  • CP12 / Finish Compton

Checkpoint locations are available on the checkpoints page.

Joining instructions are available Here